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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I send payment with my quilt? A. No, I will either e-mail your invoice to you, or send it standard mail. Q. How much bigger than the quilt top does my backing fabric have to be? A. I need at least 2 inches all the way around the quilt top. Q. What kind of batting do you have? A. I provide only 100% POLY batting. I carry it in 3 different weights: 4oz flat (needle punch) 3.5oz for slight puff, and 4oz for puffy. If you want or require a cotton or cotton blend batting, then you would have to send it with your quilt. Q. What is included in your prices? A. Batting, thread, and your choice of pattern and of course the quilting. Q. Do you do custom quilting? A. No, I simply do not have the time. Q. I roll my backing to the front for the binding, do I have to tell you that up front? A. Yes, because it makes a huge difference in how I stretch your quilt. Q. Do you send all trimmings’ back? A. I trim all quilts flush unless you tell me not to, and yes I return all the scraps. Q. Can you bind or half bind (put it on the top only) my quilt? A. Yes, to both, please see pricing page for amounts. Q. How do I get my quilt to you? A. Most carriers come right to my door. I do ask that if you use the US Post, that you use Delivery Confirmation, that way your package can be traced. TIP: The post will insure your package, but if it gets lost, or damaged, you may have trouble collecting, if you do not have ALL your fabric receipts. Delivery confirmation costs around .80 while insurance can be expensive. UPS insures automatically plus has tracking numbers included in it’s rates. I’m not sure about Fed -Ex. Q. How will I get my quilt back? A. I will figure out the cheapest way to return your quilt. If the costs are close I will give you the option on how you want it returned. If there is a way you want it returned regardless of cost, i.e. you can’t get packages at home via the post, so you want them return via UPS just tell me. I only ship via UPS Ground, or US Post Priority or Parcel. All returned quilts via the post will have delivery confirmation on them. I do not have access to Fed Ex. TIP: If you can get packages at your work address, it’s a couple dollars cheaper via UPS Ground to ship to a place of business, then it is to your home. Q. How will I know that you received my quilt? A. I will either e-mail you, or send you a card to let you know that your quilt is here safe and sound. Q. Do I have to pick out a pattern, or can you do it for me? A. I can do it, or I should say your quilt can. If I have a concern with a pattern choice that you have made, I will contact you to discuss it. Q. Why does it take so long to get my quilt back? A. This is a hard question. First and foremost I am one person with one machine. I can only quilt for so many hours a day. If I get sick, or can’t quilt for a day or longer, then I’m at least twice that much further behind. If my machine goes down, I lose time as well. Most of the time it’s only for a day or two, but it does happen. When someone asks for a special need by date, outside of 30 days, I put those “special quilts” behind me, so I make sure to get them out by the date they are needed. BUT in doing that it throws everyone else’s quilts further behind. Which is why I ask that these special need by dates are “for real”. I have had a couple of times when I found out that there really wasn’t a special date, and the person just wanted their quilts back faster. Needless to say, I get a bit upset when this happens. So I ask again, PLEASE take care in using this service, because it’s something I don’t want to have to do away with. Starting Sept. 1st I begin my “Christmas Crunch”, which means that I only work on quilts that are needed for Christmas, and others that have special need by dates. This means that any quilt that comes in during that time not needed for Christmas will wait until after 18 Dec, and goes in line behind those that were already here. Generally Jan - March is my “catch-up” time. Q. If I need a quilt for Christmas, when do I have to have it to you? A. No later than Sept 1. And please tell me it’s for Christmas. Q. What happens if I need a quilt sooner then your turn around time? A. Contact me either via e-mail or the phone. Q. What happens if I need my quilt back under 30 days? A. Any quilt required within 30 days of receipt will be charged an additional $25.00. Q. How do I pay you? A. I accept personal checks, money orders, cash (only if you are picking your quilt up in person) and Pay Pal. Q. How will I know that you’ve gotten my payment and are shipping my quilt? A. I will e-mail you when I ship your quilt to give you an idea as to when it will be home. Q. If I have questions when is the best time to contact you? A. Monday - Friday 8-5:30 Central Time or on Saturdays’ until noon. Please if at all possible do not call after 5:30 pm during the week. I have an answering machine, so you can always leave a message. Also, you can always contact me by email, but please do not panic if I don’t get back to you right away. We have satellite connection, and weather plays a huge part in our getting on line. Q. Do you carry fabric for backing or for sale? A. Yes, bleached and unbleached muslin, both are 100% cotton, and are available in 44/45" or 108" wide. Q. Can I send more then one quilt at a time? A. Yes. Q. If I want you to put my binding on (½ bind) what do I need to do? A. Please have your binding ready to be put on your quilt. In other words, all sewn together and pressed in half. Q. Your order form has a special instruction box, what do I put there? A. Anything that will help me make your quilt exactly what you want. Your batting choice, the look you want for you quilt, if it’s a gift, if it’s for a male or female, this will help with the pattern choice, any special need by date. Q. What kind of quilting machine do you have? A. I have an A-1 923 Elite Long Arm quilting machine. I do not have laser pointer, nor do I have a stitch regulator. My machine is hand guided 100% of the time. Q. How long does it take to do a quilt/ how many quilts do you do in a day? A. That depends on the size of the quilt, and the pattern used. I’ve done king size quilts in a short day, but then have worked for over a day on a smaller quilt because of the pattern. Q. Are there any size restrictions to my quilt? A. My Table is 12 feet long, which means that I can do any quilt that measures UNDER 118 inches in WIDTH. The length really doesn't matter. If I receive a quilt that is over 118 inches in width, I will return it to you, and you will have to find a quilter who has a 14 foot table, or cut it down and return it to me. I will NOT cut down your quilt. There will not be any exceptions to this, I'm sorry.