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Did You Know? If you have a problem with fabric bleeding, you may need either Synthrapol or Retayne. Synthrapol is used to suspend and carry excess dye from cotton fiber. It removes any unfixed or un-reacted dye to keep it from re-depositing dye onto areas of the fabric that you don't want to be stained. It is recommended for use as a pre-wash to remove excess dye, sizing, dirt and oils. Retayne is used to set dye. For example, if you printed a text message on fabric, you can use Retayne to set it. If you have a piece of fabric you know will fade, you can use Retayne to keep fading to a minimum. What about vinegar? Vinegar and othe acids were once used to fix the dye on protein based fibers such as wool. It was never effective on cotton, although it does remove soap scum and other residue, thus giving the illusion of brightening the fabric.
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Over the years that we have been quilting, we have found several tips that we believe will help you get the best possible results for your quilt. Here are some of those tips that we hope you find useful. Do you have a tip that others might find useful? Please feel free to share those tips with us and we will share them with others.
"I received the quilt on Wednesday and it turned out very, very nice. It was so exciting to get it back and see how nice it looks. You did a excellent job on it!! I brought it to work and I got a lot of compliments on it. Thanks once again for the beautiful job!!!" Cheryl B. - Cloquet MN.
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